Research and exploration of city challenges and urban models

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With the initial research and exploration phase of the Tombolo project we had the opportunity to investigate some of the key challenges facing cities in the UK. This phase involved desk research and interviews with city stakeholders across various different city operating areas in Greenwich, Leeds, Manchester and Milton Keynes. We are currently analysing this information in order to decide which challenges to focus on in each city for the project.

Another part of the initial phase was to carry out research on Urban Models. Initial investigation was done on the history of modelling and how it has developed over the years. This focussed on the progress in the field of Urban Modelling and identified current challenges (please see the separate blog post: Urban modelling: Progress and Remaining Challenges).

Research was also carried out on specific models currently used across various different council operating areas. These included planning models such as Land-use and Transport models, Health models such as Air-pollution and Obesity models, as well as various others across urban systems. We are looking to produce a document on this that will be available via our website.

Our key goal for the next phase of the project is to begin defining the Digital Connector in the context of the city challenges that have been identified. We will post regular updates on our website over the course of the project so please check back or alternatively sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

– Team Tombolo

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