The Digital Connector

The Digital Connector is an open source piece of software, which allows data specialists to efficiently connect data sets into a common format. 

What can the Digital Connector do?

The Digital Connector makes it easier to connect data sets relating to socio-demographics, the environment, transport and even transportation to provide a holistic picture of complex urban issues. By making it easier for data specialists to combine data, the Digital Connector helps speed up the creation of visualisations and models that may generate insight. The combination of data can also provides decision-makers with a more detailed overview of the various factors that might be impacting their city’s challenges, and therefore, how they could address them more effectively.

The Digital Connector makes combining different data sets for use in urban models is as easy as building a recipe.


The Digital Connector is a step towards open city data interoperability and cross-discipline collaboration. 

The Digital Connector can select from pre-existing models for issues, such as social isolation and active transportation. 

The Digital Connector's built-in importers can harvest a range of data sources into a centralised data format. 

The Digital Connector can merge data from different spatial granularities, with built-in aggregators and de-aggregators. 

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The Digital Connector is open source! We want you to hack it, build upon it and improve it. Visit our GitHub account to see how you can use the Digital Connector. 

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