The Urban Data Explorer

We have developed a data visualisation app which enables you to upload and visualise exports from both the Tombolo Digital Connector and your commonly used GIS systems online.

The Urban Data Explorer can visualise curated indexes and geospatial data made available through the Tombolo Digital Connector and by your commonly used GIS systems.


The Urban Data Explorer enables you to upload and visualise your own exports from the Tombolo Digital Connector. 

With the Urban Data Explorer you can style your map in a way that suits you, save it and even share it with others.

The playground section of the app even lets you compare different geospatial layers while controlling the visual style of your data.

The Urban Data Explorer is fast and enables you to visualise, edit, share and export your data.

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The Digital Connector is open source! We want you to hack it, build upon it and improve it. Visit our GitHub account to see how you can use the Digital Connector. 

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